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Hotel Reservations


Voice reservations and in particular email inquiries are making a major comeback. Through the 90's many hotel chains were working to close down their expensive voice call centres, but now they begin to return. Granted things have changed, callers are more informed because of the website, but they are still reaching out to gain support by talking to someone about their booking. Its an amazing opportunity to convert them to a booker!, Is your Call centre maximising your oppotunities?

Hotel Sales & Marketing


Most hotel companies are spending heavily on Marketing, SEO, SEM and PPC to drive business to their hotels. Ideally driving business directly rather than indirectly via expensive high commission OTA's.


What is your conversion strategy? How can you drive more business directly to your hotel Website? How can you ensure higher conversions via your Voice Reservations? 

Hotel Global Distrbution Systems


In the age of the internet it has never been more important to ensure your distribution platform is not only robust, but integrated with multiple applications to ensure you get your Rates, Availability and content to market in a seamless and expedious fashion. The need for accurate rate parity across all channels, and online competitive shopping has never been more important. How well equipped and connected is your business?